Buy online or at any of the merchants that accept Mastercard® without being linked to any bank account and in complete security.
OMNIWIRE Prepaid Mastercard®
Mastercard® is the most accepted card brand in the World. It is accepted at millions of locations and websites across 210 countries and territories.
Why Prepaid?
  • Prepaid card is the great fit for unbanked and for those who don't want to have a link between a card and their bank account.
  • It allows to make payments and transfers easily and with no risk of credit overdraft and with lower fees, compared to credit cards.
  • Prepaid card is a perfect solution for people, who want to have better control over their budgets and everyday spendings.
Simple features to make life of our clients better and happier
Online and in-store payments
Use virtual or plastic prepaid cards for online and in-store payments.
NFC module on the card allows users to make contactless payments, with no need to enter a PIN code.*
Lower risk
No connection to the bank account and preloaded balance limits the risks of fraud and money loss.
User account
Check balance and manage card settings through virtual web dashboard
Recharge your card with a credit card, debit card or a wire transfer.
Send and receive
You can send money to your friends and family as well as receive payments from them if IBAN activated.
How It Works
Activate your Omniwire Prepaid Mastercard®
in the cardholder portal
Replenish a balance of the card
Use it anytime and anywhere where Mastercard® accepted
Enjoy benefits of using Omniwire Prepaid Mastercard®.